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Sånn er det i naturen: UPDATE

4 June 2011

UPDATE (4 JUNE 2011): Yesterday I read the very sad news that yet another tourist has slipped to her death at Vøringsfossen. The 61-year-old Austrian native was traveling around Norway with her husband. She was posing for a photograph when she stumbled, lost her balance and fell over the edge. Photos of the site and story (in Norwegian) can be found here. Despite the fact that nature is dangerous and tourists need to be reminded of this, two deaths have occurred at this spot in less than one year. A balance must be struck between safety and natural beauty.


To read my original post on the un-fenced natural beauty of Norway, “Sånn er det i nature: That’s how it is in nature,” click here.

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  1. Bente permalink
    5 June 2011 20:51

    Ser ut som om media har satt litt ekstra søkelys på akkurat dette i år. Hjelper ikke med sikring når folk gjør sånn som dette da, men:

  2. jenaconti permalink
    5 June 2011 21:00

    WOW! HELT utrolig at mann kan være så gal — med små barn og!

    Anyone interested in seeing how stupid some people are should click the link posted above by Bente. Even though a fence is in place at this cliff, a family with a small child decided it would be “fun” (or??) to hop over the fence and dangle over the cliff.

    Incredible. One internet commenter on the last year’s death at Vøringfossen suggested that tourists should remain in the parking lot and view the falls from inside the bus. Unfortunately this proves that is not a bad idea!

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