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Happy Summer!

12 July 2011

The kids are home, Aidan and I are covered in wallpaper glue and pink paint, we’ll be hiking the mountains if the sun ever returns, and then we will follow 700,000 other Norwegians (1/6 of the population!) and head on down to Denmark — the Florida of Scandinavia.

Blog posts will be light through August.

God sommer!

Happy summer!

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  1. Teresa Owens permalink
    12 July 2011 18:06

    I see there has been a nice day in Bergen today….sun. You should give the Croatian coast a try for vacation…I think it’s cheaper than Denmark, and I think there would be more sun. Happy trails and travel!

  2. 12 July 2011 19:10

    Just did the Denmark thing with the family, legoland, djurs summerpark (wicked good fun!) and a short jaunt over to Flensburg in Germany. Cheaper then Norway (where isn’t) and we had sun the entire time.
    Have a great trip!

  3. 13 July 2011 20:17

    Have fun in Denmark. Don’t let the racists bite!


  1. 22 July 2011 « up-rooted

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