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Sånn er det: Scandinavians

21 October 2011

From norsk, ikke sant? by Jenny K. Blake

… if I had only known.  😉

(Jenny K. Blake’s first book, Brown Cheese, Please,  is one of my favorites. It gives a light-hearted perspective on Norwegian culture and lifestyle and is a “must read” for anyone who has moved to Norway or is thinking about moving to Norway.)

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  1. 21 October 2011 16:06

    One thing’s wrong with that picture, though: the Norwegian should have his dog on a leash
    (says the irate dog owner, who believes leash laws are waaaay too strict in Norge).

  2. 21 October 2011 19:53

    Jena, did you find this book in Norway? I just checked the American Amazon price, and it’s $200!

  3. Bente permalink
    21 October 2011 22:08

    Her pleier jeg å finne de billigste bøkene:):)

    • 22 October 2011 07:06

      Oh wow! I didn’t know about that bookshop. They are cheap! Thanks very much!

  4. Bente permalink
    21 October 2011 22:10

    Ps! Veldig morsomt bilde!! Det passer helt PERFEKT:)

    • 22 October 2011 07:07

      Ikke sant? Jeg kan ikke snakke for nordmenn, men disse var absolutt mitt inntrykk før og etter å ha bodd i Norge! 🙂

  5. Bente permalink
    22 October 2011 10:00

    Tror nok alle nordmenn (,svensker og dansker) kjenner seg igjen i de stereotypene. Partysvensker, forfyllede, pølsespisende dansker (eller røykende, designjåler) og norske fjellaper…

    Nordmannen var jo veldig uskyldig og søt, da! Det er bra kulturforskjeller og kultursjokk kan få sånne bivirkninger som disse fantastiske bøkene, om ikke annet.

  6. 22 October 2011 11:46

    Ha. Totally true. Back then I never knew that Swedes, Norwegians and Danes differ so much, but now I do 🙂

    • 23 October 2011 20:51

      I think if you compare Scandinavians to Indonesians or Americans, they are all different from Americans or Indonesians in the same way. But if you compare Scandinavians with each other, you get the pictures at the bottom!

  7. 24 October 2011 15:49

    My Norsk father told me stories and sang songs about these differences. The Norwegians always came out on top, of course!

    • 26 October 2011 08:52

      Oh yes! My son knows loads of jokes in which the Swedes and the Danes are made out to be fools and you know the very same joke is told in Sweden and Denmark with the roles changed! I really like the brotherhood of Scandinavia. There’s a bit of that camaraderie between Canada and the U.S. (with films like “Canadian Bacon”!) but the sense of a familial relationship between the Scandinavian nations is much stronger.

  8. Goodness and Grit permalink
    26 October 2011 08:42

    Definitely going to try to get a hold of this book for my book club!!! What a hoot!

    • 26 October 2011 08:53

      It really is great fun, Kimberly. I laughed at every single page of “Brown Cheese, Please” and it’s so fun to laugh at cultural differences that are sometimes annoying!

  9. 15 January 2015 22:08

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