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21 May 2012

On Friday night my son and I sat on the sofa watching Snake Crusader with Bruce George on Animal Planet. Bruce George is a licensed snake handler who lives in Australia and rescues all sorts of horrifyingly large, deadly or otherwise stomach-turning snakes from roadsides and the drawers of messy teens. (“You’d better keep that room clean, young man!” he threatens in his Aussie accent while pulling a long thin snake from a slightly open drawer. “Just think about a death adder coming to get you in the middle of the night!”) Bruce George is my son’s hero and he has pictures of him tacked to the wall beside his bed.

“Maybe you should live in Australia,” I say to him, knowing that the tiny adders that live in Norway aren’t interesting enough to keep him here.

“Nah. I’m not going to live anywhere,” he tells me. “I’m just going to travel.”

Of course! I thought. An appropriate response from the son of two “home”-less people like my husband and me. Even if the life of traveling doesn’t turn out to be as glamorous as he thinks it is now, it reminded me of how free we  21st-century people feel to roam the world (as long as “home” and “money” aren’t a problem, of course).

Which brings me to the point of this post – the thousands of people worldwide who are using internet forums to peruse and perhaps find new places to throw some luggage down for a few months, or maybe even permanently.

I can’t remember how I first came across “Expat Blog” – the site linked to by the little, happy blue suitcase in the right margin of this blog. Maybe I googled “blogs Norway” or “people with confused identities,” but it led me to a world of people who, just like me, were in love with other cultures and seeing the world, and who wanted to share the daily joys and struggles of being an expat.

Expat Blog was launched in 2005 as a site for expatriates (current, future and past) and the site now boasts 420,000 members from 206 countries and 400 large cities. Not all of these people writes blogs, of course. Some are just looking for answers on how to move, where to find work, or want to find people with whom they can share experiences.  Expat Blog has discussion forums, a blog directory, guides, photo albums, a business directory, a classifieds section, and they have just introduced a new “jobs” and “housing” section.

If you are looking for work in Norway, no matter where you are in the world, you have access to the Norway job opportunities section where you can search by category or type of contract. If you are looking for a place to live, the new accommodation in Norway section offers places to rent, buy, or share. (Note to those currently living in Norway: you can also post ads here!)

A large number of my readers find my blog each week through Expat Blog, and the site has also allowed me to meet and connect with a whole new group of blogging friends.

Whether you are an expat or soon-to-be-expat, or just interested in what it’s like to live in Iceland, Samoa, or Chile, or just about anywhere, I invite you to check out Expat Blog. You might even find you have a lot to chat about with others who don’t exactly live anywhere.

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  1. 21 May 2012 13:38

    THANK YOU!!! I think this is going to have a lot of use on my end in the next few months!

  2. 21 May 2012 16:02

    Reading expat blogs is always entertaining – I’ve found a few good ones lately! I had to literally laugh out loud at the ‘people with confused identities’ as I think that could apply to me at times (or maybe all the time). The other day I thought back to when I moved here, and nearly had a panic attack. Quitting my job, moving to another continent to a city I’ve never been to to go back to school, and leave a fantastic group of friends behind. Oh god what was I thinking? I certainly don’t regret it, but I’m not sure I could do something so drastic again.

    • 21 May 2012 19:36

      I know: what were we thinking?! On the one hand, I would never again step so lightly into such an abyss. . . on the other hand, I feel so happy to have been brave enough to have taken this step! (I think often of that film “Sliding Doors.”) So: would I do something so drastic again? You know, I just might. But as I said in another post recently, I’m getting old and tired. 🙂

      • 21 May 2012 20:05

        Maybe that’s actually it….I would never take such a step so lightly again. I was so naïve in thinking about how easy it would be, but then after 2 years, you realize that it’s really not (okay it didn’t take 2 years to realize that). Working in the oil industry though, there are always opportunities to move to far away places, so I should never say never;)

      • 21 May 2012 20:54

        LOL – no, it didn’t take me 2 years either! Although by the 2 yr point the realization had snowballed into a big mound of “what the bleep bleep was I thinking?” The question I’ve been asking myself A LOT is why everyone thinks it will be easy! Are we just brainwashed by “beyond borders” rhetoric? Here’s another expat blog with an interesting post which I think speaks to this issue (or part of it):

    • 21 May 2012 19:36

      Should also say it’s of some comfort to read that I am not the only one with an identity crisis! 🙂

  3. 2 June 2012 11:44

    I would love to live in Australia but my hubby refuses. It’s a long story but it involves him getting locked in a bedroom with a brown snake and then tripping over a funnel spider. He remains traumatized…..

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